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    Engineers and Consultants indi-air

    The office has been operating since 1990 and has thus far planned thousands of projects, including among the largest and most complex ever performed, sometimes in existing essential structure whose continued operation was imperative even during the execution of the project.
    The office is an integrative operation, consisting of experienced engineers specializing in air conditioning, temperature conservation and energy preservation, industrial ventilation, forced fire and smoke release systems, various filtering systems, sanitary and fire extinguishing systems, wet and dry sprinkler systems and electromechanical system coordination.

    izak barrabi engineer

    Engineer License: 38690

    The office provides a full array of engineering planning and consulting services; starting with program analysis, master plans, licensing plans, accurate calculations, detailed planning for tenders and execution, technical specifications and bills of quantities, budget estimates and supervision throughout project execution until final completion to the full satisfaction of the engineer and in accordance with requirements set forth by authorities and standards.
    The office is ISO 9001 compliant, equipped with AutoCAD and Drawbase software packages, software for calculating thermal loads and air quantities, pipes, gutters, bills of quantities and more…