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How to operate the system? its easy

  • 1. Just select your country and press 'GO' .
  • 2. Choose your building type house/apartment.
  • 3. Enter precise data and find your best air conditioner offer.
  • About the system

    Hi, my name is Jasmine and I’m about to explain how you should use the cooling output calculation program to determine the size of the air conditioning unit that is right for you:

    All you have to do is obtain some measuring tools to measure the room, wall and window dimensions in your home or the room intended for cooling (in the event of a split air conditioner).
    Living on the top floor or in a private home, how will we know if our roof is insulated? All we have to do is touch it – if it’s hot during the day, it is not insulated and then we will fill in the relevant box on the table.
    If it is not hot, we will fill in the box saying that the roof is insulated. Of course, if there is another floor above us, we will fill in the box with “ceiling beneath another floor”.

    First, enter the type of floor in the table – if you live over a residential floor, please note that. If you are not sure what kind of floor you have, write conventional construction in the appropriate box.

    After naming the room (i.e. Omer’s room, Or’s room, master bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.), you must measure the length, width and height of the room After that, identify the external walls of the room.

    Internal walls bordering an adjacent room or apartment are not entered into the calculation!

    After identifying the external walls and their directions (i.e. southern external wall and western external wall) you will measure the height and width of each wall and enter the data into the table
    In the event of a slanted wall, the average height at the center of the wall must be measured

    Measure the dimensions of the external windows – length and width, including the window frame!

    The type of glass (double glazed or regular, etc.) can be identified by looking to see if the window is made of complex double glass or of just tow panes with space between them.

    If you are unable to determine the glass making up the window – enter “regular glass” into the table.

    If there is a shutter, enter that into the table.

    Regarding the wall type – if you live in an apartment building, there are several possibilities for determining the type of walls making up your home.
    If it is industrialized construction, common with all of the large companies, enter “concrete wall of at least 20cm with cladding or marble”
    If you cannot identify the wall type, enter “ordinary block with external plaster”!
    Wall thickness can be measured

    Internal hallways – They have no external walls and thus do not require mention in the section on walls.

    Regarding electrical appliances in the room enter all of the relevant details, such as computer, etc.
    Mark all of the electrical appliances in the kitchen, such as range, refrigerator, etc.

    Lighting: Apartments usually have regular tungsten light bulbs or spot lights or fluorescent lighting – if the room has a combination of several types, mark them all (the program will calculate the average!)

    No. of tenants in a room: Fill in the real number. For example, for my room, I will write 1 (although sometimes a friend of mine comes to visit). In the master bedroom, enter 2 (mom and dad). In the living room, enter the number of people in the family + 2 guests, so that if there are 5 of you in the family, the living room would be set to accommodate 7 (you don’t want your guests to be hot, do you?).
    Upon completing each stage, be sure that the dimensions that you wrote are correct. Before going on to the next stage, please not that all measurements must be presented in centimeters – to those of you who have forgotten: 1 meter = 100 centimeters. For example, in a room of 4×3.4m, enter 340cm width and 400cm length.
    You see? It’s all very simple.
    If you have any questions, feel free to post them to the site forum and the engineering team will be glad to help you.

    Remember: the accuracy of the results depends on the accuracy of the data that you provide!